Over the past few years, we have designed and refined our gamification process to ensure innovative and effective solutions for our clients. We find the best solutions arise when the unique expertise of diverse participants are brought together within a playful, explorative design framework. We facilitate evidence-based design, driven by discovery, experimentation and collaboration.

Some of our clients provide us with a research brief to inform our designs. Others recruit us to conduct research independently. Our research process involves a comprehensive study of the issue, focusing on the key stakeholders and underlying causes. During this process, we explore the identities of the target audience, yielding crucial insights to drive design innovations. We also gather academic research data to set expectations for the performance of the product after its’ launch.

For each new issue, we select a unique group of experts from our diverse network of game designers, data scientists, psychologists and focus-issue academics. The group joins the client for a facilitated two day collaborative design workshop. During the workshop, we co-create a custom gamification solution. Our designs are delivered across a wide range of technologies, including web, smartphone apps, virtual reality, augmented reality and other emerging platforms. We brief the client on gamification principles and processes before the workshop so that we are all well prepared to participate.

Our development team uses the design blueprint that we created together to deliver an original digital product. Our team has delivered hundreds of past projects with a shared userbase of over 100 million players, has won various industry awards and has over 20 years of industry experiences.

We ‘soft launch’ the product in a small region to fine-tune the design, identify and fix bugs. Following the global launch, we monitor key player engagement metrics to provide the client with transparent product performance reports.